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The Oregon Growers Cup is committed to screening entries for Pesticides, Mold, and THC/CBD percentages. You can enter the cup as a Recreational HOME GROWER, OMMP-Medical GROWER, or OLCC GROWER.

We have partnered with Iron Labs and Chemhistory both Oregon OLCC/OMMP Certified Cannabis Testing labs with Courier service across the State. IRON and Chemhistory Labs will do our testing on flower and concentrate entries.

Official Judges don’t see the THC/CBD data when judging, it is provided as a benefit for contestants as part of the testing. THC/CBD percentages may be displayed at the Cup. Highest THC entry will be highlighted.

Each Entry must be tested either by our labs and received by our Entry Deadline or have completed batch testing at another Oregon certified lab. We will accept testing results from other labs as long as they are accredited.

The Testing Fee is included in each Entry Fee of $250 and will include documentation showing your test results. Please note the testing for the cup is NOT FULL CERTIFIED BATCH TESTING FOR OLCC/OMMP COMPLIANCE.  Labs will be offering a discounted price if you would like to pay an additional fee to receive FULL CERTIFIED BATCH TESTING FOR OLCC/OMMP RESELL.

You can enter multiple samples but each entry must pay the Entry Fee and be tested separately. We have 3 categories for submission; INDOOR FLOWER, OUTDOOR FLOWER, and CONCENTRATES. Concentrates include Live Rosin, RSO, and HASH. Greenhouse grows including Light Dep are OUTDOOR as long as no artificial light is being used.  If artificial light was used in a greenhouse then it is included in the INDOOR Category.

You can submit your sample to either IRON or Chemhistory Labs directly or by an official Oregon Growers Cup or Lab Courier. We recommend you submit your entry AS SOON as possible as this helps the Labs, The Cup and You!

Pay for Entry Fee at the Link Below:

Info on IRON Labs Cannabis Testing

Info on Chemhistory Cannabis Testing



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